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Nicole Alifante

Music & Video

My first love was singing. I've been blessed to have written a catalogue of almost 80 songs with a variety of incredibly talented people. I have also created several local bands for myself, Madalyn and NicoleTessera String BandThe Ken Dircks Trio and more recently, The Wildlife with Kerry Hopwood. We'll have our first album out by 2022!I don't play an instrument so I have mastered the art of collaboration. In 2016 I made an album, LA LA LA, produced by Marc Shulman and engineered by Ted Spencer and Al Hemberger. I just finished writing a play with songs, MAYFLOWER AVENUE, with Stephanie Stowe and directed by Kevin R. Free. Our first public reading was in November 2020 right before the world changed forever. I know this play will have it's day– stay tuned. I’m available for demo work. I was recently the featured vocalist on Poor Lonesome Cowgirl by Ken Eichler and Dan Stone.  My slice of heaven is being in the recording studio. 

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