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Nicole Alifante

Music & Video

My first love was singing. I've been blessed to have written a catalog of almost 80 songs with a variety of incredibly talented people. I have also created several local bands for myself, Madalyn and NicoleTessera String Band, and Swing State. In 2016 I made an album, LA LA LA, produced by Marc Shulman and engineered by Ted Spencer and Al Hemberger. 

My latest band and musical family are THE WILD LIFE with Kerry Hopwood, Miles East, Neil Herman, and Adrienne Lloyd. We play only original music! Check us out HERE. Also, for private parties, corporate events, and jazz spots, please contact me for booking my jazz band, SWING STATE with Paul Huang on keys and Tom Yarnall on bass. Special guests sometimes include, drummer, Brian Carter and trumpet player, Steph Chinn. 

For 8 years, I've been working on a play with songs, Mayflower Avenue with Stephanie Stowe and collaborator, Kevin R. Free. Our first public reading was in November 2019 before the world changed forever. We just made the semi-finals in the NMTC and now we are looking for a theater to partner with us. The play is timely and as we approach the 2024 election season, it could be a transformative and healing piece of theater for communities all over America to enjoy. 

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